Last weekend in Bath…

Last weekend, after the Bristol wedding, I have decided to visit Bath that is located just 15 minutes away by train. A beautiful and warm day welcomed me and I started the day with a delicious breakfast at Cafe Au Lait, just opposite the station. From there I then decided to walk randomly in the […]

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Quiet little Cambridge.

Either it was because I didn’t had time or money, but I never travelled much in the UK. It might also have been because flying from London to anywhere in Europe is quite cheap, so I always decided to go somewhere else instead. This time, having two friends living in Cambridge since a long time, […]

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Day trip to Bristol.

Last Wednesday I woke up thinking that it was about time to explore this country, so I booked my bus tickets to Bristol, where a friend of mine moved couple of months ago. On Thursday morning, nice and early, I started my 2 hours and 30 minutes bus ride to Bristol knowing that I had […]

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