Breath gentle and smile.

This year I am spending a lot of time up in the clouds, this¬†was my 3rd time flying back home and I will actually go back in two weeks for a wedding. Feels like I am spending more time in Trieste than London. Not that I mind… ūüôā If you’ll ever have to drive to […]

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The unexpected journey home.

When I decided to book my tickets to Italy for a month, I didn’t expect this weather at all.¬†Maybe i’ve been a bit stereotypical this time, but who knew that July was that grey and wet? I definitely remember being on this Croatian beach last July and being quite tan. Not this year. Not yet.I […]

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Did you say “Balkan”?

I think it’s a couple of years now (wait… even more!), that I am totally into balkan music. Balkan what exactly? Well, I understand that if you’re not familiar it can sound like weird. But I assure you it’s not. It all started when I was a kid being brought on holidays in the south […]

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And then, you just miss it.

Because we are humans and we have feelings. Even if I like to pretend that I don’t. Well, I will upset you all saying that I do have feelings and those feelings make me feel alive. Sometimes just “nostalgic alive”.¬†But nostalgia goes away as it comes.¬†This was a great weekend back home: they had the […]

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Questo √® un post di notte, nella semi oscurit√† di camera mia in Italia.

Sono arrivata gioved√¨ pomeriggio, per il compleanno di mia madre. Avevo prenotato a febbraio, sperando nel bel tempo perch√© l’inverno a Londra √® stato lungo e freddo. E lungo. Quando sono scesa dall’aereo mi sono resa conto che potevo andare in giro senza giubbotto e mi √® spuntato un sorrisone sulla faccia. Ancora di pi√Ļ […]

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