That time in New Orleans.

It happened that I had to go on a business trip to New Orleans. If you know me well enough you’ll know I don’t do usually business trips: I am an office manager and as the word suggests, I need to be in the office. This time, though, our annual conference was taking place in […]

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If you’re having a bad day.

Some of your friends won’t understand. Some days you’ll think nobody can. And some other days you’re really all by yourself. Life is a very interesting adventure. When you are born, you’re just a tiny baby that doesn’t know anything about the world. Your parents will teach you but sometimes even they don’t have all […]

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“Back where I belong.”

Shame on me! It’s been a month since the last post and I remember promising to keep you posted. Well, I guess my job took over my life but I am trying to work on that and find time for myself as well during the week. Not saying I am managing well but at least […]

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