Churros en Barcelona!

It as been a couple of tough few days, one of my best friends is no longer with us and I am heart broken. But, he wouldn’t want me to stop, he would want me to write, as I always did. Writing is what got us together in the first place, so let’s do this. […]

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Buon viaggio, Fed.

Mi chiedo se tu abbia avuto paura. Poi penso a come ti conoscevo, sempre sorridente, sempre pronto ad affrontare quello che la vita ti buttava addosso. In questi tanti anni di amicizia so per certo che hai vissuto, hai amato e hai fatto quello che più ti piaceva fare: viaggiare. Ne abbiamo passate tante insieme […]

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Farewell 2016!

It’s almost painful but it’s time to say goodbye to 2016. I can only describe it with one word: adventurous. Last year the first thing I wrote on my list of what I wanted to achieve in 2016 was “to travel more”. I am writing this on my way to Barcelona, for my 15th trip of […]

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