A very long silence.

It has been eight months since my last post. I have to admit I have been lazy, but also very busy. Plus I am still debating which should be the first language of this blog. Most of my readers are from around the world, so it would make sense to keep blogging in English and […]

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Breath gentle and smile.

This year I am spending a lot of time up in the clouds, this was my 3rd time flying back home and I will actually go back in two weeks for a wedding. Feels like I am spending more time in Trieste than London. Not that I mind… 🙂 If you’ll ever have to drive to […]

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The unexpected journey home.

When I decided to book my tickets to Italy for a month, I didn’t expect this weather at all. Maybe i’ve been a bit stereotypical this time, but who knew that July was that grey and wet? I definitely remember being on this Croatian beach last July and being quite tan. Not this year. Not yet.I […]

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