Giuppylicious… who?


Well well well, let’s keep it simple. From Trieste (Italy) but actually living in London, because I thought I had a dream. So I studied hard to enter the sport events industry but you know what? I found out that I have other interests! That’s how I ended up in the catering industry. After two years I thought I needed a change so I got myself an office job. Let’s see what will come up next!

If you are wondering where the “Giuppylicious” is from, it is a mix between my old nickname that all my friends use back home “Giuppy” and “delicious”, because someone mixed it for me once and I loved it so much that it is now my official blog name.

Great lover of: food, traveling, photography, smiling, books, balkan music and Apple stuff.

You can find me also on:

Definitely social, uh?

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