30 things I have learned in my first 30 years.

I wasn’t really thinking about it but I felt some pressure, a year before turning 30.

Not sure why it happened but I think it was because of what I thought people would expect from me and maybe it was also related to me looking at my friends and see them almost all married/with kids.
I am not sure how I imagined myself at this point in life, but I have to say that reality is not bad at all. I have done so much until now and I am very proud of who I am.
I celebrated my 30th birthday a month ago, for several days with my friends and family. I think the biggest gift was to be able to spend the day with the people I love the most.

They say age is just a number and I partly agree. I do think, though, that what you think of life or what you expect, changes with the years. And also, your objectives and priorities change as well. It’s part of the process of growing up and evolving as a person and as much as it is terrifying, it is also necessary and exciting!

So now, let me share with you a list of things I think I have learned so far:

1) Some events in life are unexpected and this is a chance, not something to be scared of or worried about.

2) The body adapts to anything: stress, too much work, not enough sleep and a different environment. It just needs time.

3) There is always always a solution to any problem.

4) The bigger picture is important: remembering that gives us the chance to minimise what we think is a big deal.

5) Smiling makes life better, I know you don’t believe it but give it a try.

6) Family is important and sometimes it should be considered more.

7) We didn’t know it back then, but some of the decisions took by our parents were right.

8) We should say more often things like: “I love you”, “I am sorry” and “Thank you”.

9) Spending time with the people you love is what matters the most.

10) Money helps you living a “comfortable” life but it is really not enough to be happy.

11) Learning to be on your own is vital, but sharing your life with someone you love is a winner.

12) Talking about how you feel is already halfway to fixing your problems.

13) Being kind and gentle doesn’t always pay but it’s what makes me feel a better person.

14) You’re gonna lose some people that you love along the way and it’s going to be painful. Every single day. But you will survive and you will have to keep the memories close to your heart.

15) Never ever give up.

16) Travelling can open your mind, if you’re approaching it in the right way.

17) Travelling solo should be compulsory.

18) Being bilingual helps you in having an open mind.

19) Sometimes you’re closer to someone that entered your life two years ago, than a friend that has been there for 10 years.

20) Not everyone will understand you and not everyone is going to like you. What matters, though, is that you do.

21) Honesty is the way. Always.

22) There is no shame in crying.

23) Learn to trust your instincts: everything you need is already inside.

24) Speak up: make sure your ideas are out there and don’t be afraid of saying what you think.

25) Love unconditionally, without asking for anything in return. Just send the love out there, it generally comes back to you somehow.

26) Be patient: sometimes all it takes is the “right time”.

27) Aways do your best, or what you think your best is.

28) Don’t spend time with people that don’t care about you.

29) Use your time wisely because life is short.

30) And last, do not follow this list and just LIVE.

Till next time. 

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