Geneva and the French Wedding!

Wedding season is long started.
I was lucky enough to have no weddings to attend last year, but things went a bit crazy this year leaving me with 4 weddings to attend!
Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy for all my friends that are getting married – but of course this involves travelling, finding a dress, think about presents and so on.

This time, the wedding was in France – in the Jura region.
My friends that got married are an Italo-French couple: she is from Trieste and he is from France and they decided to get married in a beautiful Golf resort in the Val De Sorne.

I was meeting up with a couple of friends that drove from Trieste and we decided to meet in Geneva to get a day to explore the city and then head to France after that.
First things first: when they say Switzerland is expensive, they are right! I am talking about £15 for a salad. Like, do I have to remind you that a tuna salad costs around £5 in any Pret in London? And London IS expensive!

I flew BA and I was very surprised to see that they “conformed” to the other cheap airlines, now asking you to pay for drinks and snacks. Well done for partnering with M&S, but seriously? What’s special about flying BA now? Not that an orange juice/pack of crisps what was special but the customer care was for sure.
Anyway, I got into Geneva and realized I could get out of the airport on the French side – how cool is that? I met my friends, we booked a hotel right next to the airport and took a bus the next morning to check on Geneva.
The weather was stunning, 28 degrees and super sunny (note to self: bring a hat next time). We arrived at the main train/bus station (passing by the Palace of Nations and the Broken Chair) and walked to the city centre, stopping at the info point where a lovely Swiss lady explained what was to see.

First stop, the lake! 40.47% of the lake is actually Swiss, the rest is under the French jurisdiction. It’s also the first thing you see when flying in. What’s interesting is the Jet D’Eau – literally water-jet – which is the fountain symbol of Geneva. You can basically see it from everywhere and it’s something like 140m high.


We then walked into the old town, visiting the cathedral, stopping for lunch and taking a break from the sun in the Parc des Bastions, where the big Reformation Wall is – and then we actually ended up playing a game of draughts on the giant floor board.

Since it was so hot we decided to go back to the hotel and start the drive to Vernantois, where the hotel was located, to take advantage of the outdoor swimming pool.
The drive through the Jura mountains was stunning: you are basically driving through this green and silent forest with big trees and great valleys

At the end of it, you’re left in the middle of nowhere in France, with small villages and big vineyards.
The resort is surrounded by the golf course, which makes it a very green location but also a very quiet one. You can hear the little river close by and the sound of the birds.

The weather decided to change on the wedding day, but fortunately it stopped raining just in time for the bride and the groom to get out of the church.


The wedding dinner followed and what I love the most about international wedding is that you can see how the two different cultures work out on special occasions. It’s also good because usually there are people from all over attending and chatting about your backgrounds is always interesting.

It was a very emotional weekend, for different reasons.
My friends Beatrice and Pierre are an amazing couple. They had some challenges in life and I think they always managed to handle everything in the best possible way. I think what makes them special in my eyes is that they never give up and they always try to see the bright side. I truly wish them tons of joy and happiness and I am so grateful that we met and that I got the chance to be part of this special day.

And this is it from France, stay tuned for the next wedding adventure, this time from Italy!

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