A week in Fuerteventura!

When last March I was relaxing on a Thai beach, I quickly realised how a March holiday is vital. Especially if you live in London, where the sun shines.. never. Ok fine, it’s sunny sometimes.

So when my friend and I had to book a holiday together, we only had two main concerns: is there a beach? And is it hot enough?
We wanted also to explore, this is why Costa Rica and Argentina seemed good choices. But we needed more time and money, so we quickly thought about something closer. And where do you go in March from London? Well, the Canary Islands seemed the appropriate choice!

With a £70ish return flight with Thomas Cook, this choice was definitely a winner! And not only for the cheap flight booked in December, but also cause it had exactly what we were looking for: many beaches and plenty of sun.

We spent couple of days in the North of the island and four or so in the South.
Renting a car is essential, unless you go with an organised tour. But why would you? Overall, I think you can drive from the top to the bottom of the island in like 3 hours.
We landed at Puerto del Rosario and headed straight to Corralejo up north. The drive is pretty smooth and the landscape changes so much: the sand dunes are such a surprise!
The Airbnb was perfect and in a great location, walking distance from the small town centre and super close to the port area.
As soon as we arrived though, we went for some pictures of the sand dunes and the nearby beach.


It was very windy but the beach is amazing and there are Kite-surfers everywhere, making it a perfect location for pictures (if you’re not into kite-surfing, clearly!).
That night, we had dinner at Antiguo Cafe del Puerto, a local place in Corralejo we found on Lonely Planet. The food we had was amazing and so cheap.
I normally don’t like Tapas, just cause here in London it’s an expensive meal with not enough food. Of course, in Spain everything changes. We had patatas bravas, fish, more potatoes and a tortilla, with wine for 15 Euros each.

The following day we visited Isla de Lobos, a tiny island next to the coast. With a short ferry ride (around 10 Euros), we headed there bright and early. The scenery is pretty lunar, till you get to a crystal clear beach.


There are couple of fisherman houses, but that’s pretty much it. It was worth a visit though, it felt so quiet there even if it was pretty windy.
On the 3rd day, we left Corralejo to head south, first stop: El Cotillo.

El Cotillo has an amazing sea view and it’s the ideal place for surfers. We stopped by to take some pictures and we tanned without realising, so be careful! Sun protection is needed, specially cause the windy doesn’t make you realise how strong the sun is.


We stopped for lunch at a place called El Callao. According to Tripadvisor it is pretty good but we didn’t know it back then, so we found this place randomly – almost missing it actually, it almost felt there were no restaurants at all around El Cotillo. So we walked a bit and stopped by this restaurant, not knowing what to expect. The result was a delicious plate of grilled fresh fish for two for 30 Euros. So worth it!

Next stop: Costa Calma!
In couple of hours we moved from El Cotillo and we drove South, to get to Costa Calma for some relaxing days at the beach. The drive was pretty smooth, stopping at La Oliva on the way. We also happened to stop by a Aloe Vera Center called Finca Canarias.
I have never seen so many Aloe Vera plants and I had no idea they had some beautiful yellow flowers as well!
At the Center you can buy Aloe Vera products and get free tours and explanations on the each product. They have everything: from soap, to drinks, to wrinkle creams.
You can also get a massage, which sounded very inviting but we had to head South to check in at the Airbnb so we had to skip it.


From La Oliva we drove through Caleta de Fuste, Gran Tarajal, Tarajalejo and then we made it to the final destination.
We spent 4 days in Costa Calma and I would have happily spent more days there! It is so relaxing, and warm, and the everyone is so friendly.
On the first day there, a friend of mine who lives there took us to a beautiful black sand beach called La Pared. Great for surfers as well.
The walk to get down here? Not so easy… but definitely worth it!


The rest of the holiday was really just sea, sun, beach, food. Oh speaking of, I definitely recommend El bar del Marko – you’ll find great tapas for a very fair price!
If you made it to the end of this post, well done! Let me end it with some more very blue pictures.  And I definitely recommend Fuerteventura for a relaxing week, especially if you need a break from everything!
Renting a car and exploring is definitely the best way!


Till next time! 

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