Churros en Barcelona!

It as been a couple of tough few days, one of my best friends is no longer with us and I am heart broken. But, he wouldn’t want me to stop, he would want me to write, as I always did. Writing is what got us together in the first place, so let’s do this.

I started the new year travelling, so let me tell you all about Barcelona…
It was 2008 when I visited Barcelona for the first time: I was am Erasmus student based in Erfurt, Germany, visiting a friend that was studying Spanish in the city.
I have to admit, Barcelona didn’t really impressed me back then: everything seemed less interesting than Berlin. I couldn’t really figure out why, but I guess it was because  I had the impression Berlin was just… so much more!

Anyway, when my friend and I had to decide where to go for NYE, Barcelona came across as one of the cheapest options. So we packed a light backpack (thanks Decathlon!) and went to Gatwick for our flight.

We stayed in the neighbourhood called “El Born”, great location in the city centre, walking distance from a lot of cool areas. We used Airbnb once again and everything went pretty smoothly. Arriving late on Friday evening, we didn’t have much time to explore so we went straight to the apartment and woke up for a fresh start on Saturday morning.

We were blessed with a super sunny day and we headed straight to the Sagrada Familia, took some classic selfies and then headed to La Pedrera. I already visited Casa Battlo’ last time, they are very different I have to say but both worth a visit. Very expensive though!
If I can give you one and only advice: buy tickets in advance and online! You’ll avoid queues and disappointments!


After visiting couple of the most iconic places, we headed to Las Ramblas and La Boqueria market. I did have some vivid memories of veggies and other goodies at the market and I really wanted to go back to get some cool pics.
The place is very instagrammable but it’s not just that, it’s very typical and the food is good. Do get food here, it’s not too expensive and it’s better than going to a random place not knowing what you’ll get (ad happened to us!).


Before heading home to get some rest, we stopped by the port area. It was such a sunny and lovely day and we just ended up sitting there and having some fruit we got from La Boqueria market. The sun, the sea, some food and a good friend… you really don’t need much more!


We weren’t sure what to do for NYE but then we happened to find an Italian blog about BCN and these guys were organizing a dinner so we thought, why not?
It was fun I have to say, we meet in the Barceloneta area to have dinner at the restaurant with another 100 random people. Brilliant!

On the Sunday, our last day in Barcelona, we decided to go to Park Güell. Again, do book in advance. We didn’t and we couldn’t get in, but there is still the park around the main area and that was enough for us on that sunny day.


We then walked all the way into town, stopped in the main cathedral and ended the day with some churros.
There’s plenty to see and to do in Barcelona, but a quick weekend is also a good idea.
I’ll leave you with the churros pic… delicioussss!


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