Weekend in Turin: Christmas lights, food & friends!

2016 has been a very busy year in terms of traveling.

Exciting times (I will recap all of it at the end of the year) but also tiring times. For this reason I wasn’t planning to travel much this December and instead I ended up with 4 flights booked. Yay.

One of the not planned trips was Turin (or Torino as we would call it). Having some Avios to use, I took advantage of it and decided I should go and visit one of my best friends that I last saw two years ago. Having used almost all of my holidays, I decided to fly out on Sat morning at 6:30am and fly back on Sunday at 7pm. Brilliant idea, no?
To make all of this more comfortable, I decided to sleep at Gatwick airport to get couple of extra hours sleep. I booked Yotel, in the South Terminal and I was so curious to see how sleeping in a pod would be like. I can tell you straight away that it was worth the money I paid!

The hotel has been created for travelers wanting to stop for 4 hours or more. It has all the basic comforts and it’s sound proof. The price for the single pod is £59.

I woke up literally an hour before departure and a well deserved rest.

I forgot how well you travel with BA and as a plus, we also landed earlier than expected.

I spent the day wondering in Turin, eating at Eataly (you want to check this out if you go to Italy but they are also open in NYC, Tokyo and plenty of other locations), doing some shopping and taking a nap before going out for dinner, to a house party and clubbing. Nice and easy, eh?

You can’t expect me to be all touristy on Sunday as well, I just slept for most of the day, woke up terribly hangover, had a ham and cheese toast and back on a flight to London.

But, in this case it doesn’t really matter how long you spend in a place but how well you live it when you’re there. And Turin has been like that for me this time.
Seeing one of my best friends is exactly what I needed.

Do visit Turin if you have the chance, it looks lovely with the Christmas lights on!

Now, off to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Barcelona, stay tuned!

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