Farewell 2016!

It’s almost painful but it’s time to say goodbye to 2016.

I can only describe it with one word: adventurous.

Last year the first thing I wrote on my list of what I wanted to achieve in 2016 was “to travel more”. I am writing this on my way to Barcelona, for my 15th trip of the year.
It wasn’t really planned but somehow it happened: I started with booking a solo trip to Thailand and a short weekend in Brussels and I ended up with a long list of new/old places visited. Rome, Paris, Edinburgh, New Orleans, Turin, Trieste, Barcelona.

It has been exciting and breath taking: I met new people, I have seen so much beauty, I tasted the best food, I took some amazing pictures, I saw some friends, I smiled a lot.
I am so grateful for all of this, for me being brave enough to pack my stuff and go, no matter what. No matter what friends said, no matter if I was scared or not, no matter if instead of saving I spent it all on traveling.


I feel like I achieved pretty much everything on my list: travel more, be grateful, improve myself as human being and don’t feel guilty and be free from social constrictions.
Sure, I am not perfect and there’s so much more to improve!

And this is why I have a new list for 2017:

  1. Save for a bigger purpose: can’t tell you more than this but this year I have decided saving is the priority. I am not saying I will stop travelling but I will try to limit it. Even if I already have 4 weddings to attend and a week already booked in Fuerteventura. 🙂
  2. Be patient: in every aspect of my life. Things are always happening for a reason, at the right time and there’s no much control over it. So deep breath and let it go.
    Things will go as they are supposed to.
  3. Be grateful: always and for everything, for smaller and bigger things.
    Say thank you, say please, say I love you.
  4. Be your wonderful self: never ever forget what took you here today, all the efforts you’ve made, the path you decided to follow and how proud you should be of yourself. Always do what you think it’s best for yourself, follow your heart and try to do things you are passionate about. And smile!

Family, friends, readers… I wish you all a wonderful 2017, may this year bring you everything you always wanted!

And remember, do not be scared: go out, explore, love, smile, cry. Live it, cause we just have one life.


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