WSET Level 1: how I got into wines.

My passion for wines started when I was around 20 years old. But I didn’t know yet.

I remember a themed party when I was study in Germany during my Erasmus, something like 8 years ago. My friend and I decided to have a wine themed party where everyone had to bring a bottle – can’t remember if we asked specifically for it to be Italian wine, but even so I remember a bottle of wine from California.

Even if Germany changed and improved my perception on beers more than wine, in the past years I started to appreciate wines more and more.
Next door to where I am from, Pinot Grigio is a big deal but it’s not that I cared that much when I was younger. We used to go out with friends and drink “spritz” more than anything else which is a mix of white wine (not of high quality I’d say) and sparkling water. If you want the fancy version ask for a spritz Aperol.
Anyway, I can’t remember a day when I thought: “Oh, this wine is good. I am into wines!”. I do remember, thought, that there was always wine at home, specially when we traveled to the South of Italy, where every summer we bought some wine for the whole year (or at least half year!).

In the past 4 years, I tried to widen my horizons and I did try more wines, maybe because in London there’s so much choice. I started learning what I like better (reds!) and what’s not really my thing (still not convinced on rose), and I started drinking to actually enjoy a glass of wine and not just to get drunk.
So the consequent decision was to officially learn more about it and this is why I enrolled for WSET Level 1 Award in Wines.

The Wine and Spirit Education Trust is internationally recognized and it was also in a very convenient location for me in London, on Bermondsey Street.
The introductory class lasted 6 hours (2h on three Thursdays) and we studied 7 grapes variety, the different wine styles, how to systematically taste wines, how to pair food and wine and how to serve and store wines. Trust me, there’s a lot of information to learn in 6 hours! At the end of the class, there’s an exam (a proper exam, with multiple choice questions) and then, if you pass you receive your certificate and a little and cute badge.

And here I am, proudly holding my certificate!
The test was tricky, I wasn’t sure till the end I passed but I managed. YAY!

I have to say that I loved the course, it gave me a different prospective on wines and I think it’s so interesting to understand the specific flavors in each grape variety. It also, though, made me have more questions about wines, about pairing, about how wine is made.
This is why I will be most likely taking level 2.

I definitely recommend this short course if you want a basic and general knowledge on the most popular wines. I feel my knowledge on wines is (slowly) growing and I hope I can learn so much more about this fascinating field.

I don’t think I will be writing about wines, not sure I know how but stay tuned, there’s definitely much more coming up. 🙂

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