Scottish Adventures: exploring Edinburgh!


Scotland has been in my travel list since ages, especially since when I started reading the series Outlander. The series, which is also a TV show now, is (obviously) set in Scotland so I wanted to check out how the place really looks like, after reading so much about it. For the records, I am still on book 5 out of 8 – long way to go.

I got on a BA flight on the Friday afternoon and after a quick 45 minutes, I arrived in Edinburgh where I soon realized people are SO friendly. I decided to get the tram from the airport into town (very convenient, £8,50 return) and I got rewarded with a pretty cool view as well. Everything seemed so green!
I stayed in one of the best looking Airbnbs so far, 20 min walk from the Old Town.

One of the cool part of staying at this place was that the hosts had multiple rooms available and they had some other guests staying at the place which meant I got to chat with this lovely couple living in Amsterdam, how nice!

Anyway, after getting some noodles at the local place, I went to a pub close by, just to have a beer and I ended up making friends (have I ever said that of any pub in London?). After one too many drinks and not enough hours sleep, I was ready to go and explore on the Saturday – even if I had a quick look at the Old Town when walking to the apartment and I already fell in love with the city.


I decided to have a wonder at the National Museum of Scotland, which has a lovely collection regarding Scottish history and also, there’s a terrace on the top floor where you get an amazing view of Edinburgh.

But let me tell you about the best part of this weekend in Edinburgh: the Eat and Walk tour.
I love food tours, most of the times you get to taste something really authentic and you get to meet a tour guide that for sure knows a lot about the city.
And this is exactly what happened! I met the group at 12pm, we had 5 stops with food/drinks tastings and I was really looking forward to it.
I won’t tell you the exact locations but I will share with you pictures of this experience, that I highly recommend. At the first stop we tasted Scottish Salmon, in the second stop pig cheek with mash potatoes and black pudding on toast and a lovely Prosecco topped up with a local raspberry gin, in the third stop we tried haggis and whisky, then cheese and wine and finally dessert.

In the last place we also bumped into a wedding where everyone was wearing a kilt… so very typical!
The tour costs £59 and it’s totally worth it. Not only you get to taste all the amazing food and drinks, but you also walk around town and the tour guide will explain all about the areas & the history. Also, communication is pretty easy cause they give you a headset type of thing so listening to the guide is so easy and the noise of the town won’t disturb you.
My advice is to try all the food, I know black pudding and haggis might not sound appetizing but they are so much better than expected!
And also, I made some friends as well! We were 5 in total at the tour and we decided to have dinner together that evening… so a lovely day all around!

I was flying back to London on Sunday afternoon and I still had plenty of time to explore, so I decided to spend my Sunday morning at Arthur’s seat. I have to confess that I cheated a bit and took the lower (and less difficult!) route but the view was simply amazing.

Walking up the hill was great and the weather turned as well and it was surprisingly sunny. After the walk I headed into town, visited couple of churches, had a lovely burger and watched a street performance (that I had seen the day before as well, but doesn’t love bagpipes?).
I will end this post with some pics that will give you an idea of the loveliness of this place.
Edinburgh is a magic place, I truly believe there is something special there.
So, go and visit Edinburgh and then, go and visit the rest of Scotland… which is now on my list as well!



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