Canapé judge: tasting tiny food. 

This past Wednesday I went to “Venue and events 2016” which is a yearly event organised by Squaremeal, where you have tons of events/venue/food suppliers. I usually go to get some inspiration for our Christmas party and team building activities.

This year I also had another opportunity: becoming a judge for the “Canapé Squaremeal cup”.

After a long afternoon strolling at Old Billingsgate Market – where, by the way I worked so many times when working in catering- I got selected to be a judge.

The Canapé cup was taking place in the vaults, very iconic part of OBM. We all had a list with numbers and details about the different canapés and we had to mark our favourite three, very difficult cause most of the canapés were so pretty to look at. Of course the look is not the only important thing, canapés have to be easy to eat (usually just one bite) and tasty.

As you can see, they were definitely pretty! For my top 3 I picked a combination of great taste and good presentation.

Being able to judge and taste food is always a good experience, I found it interesting cause it wasn’t just a mare “eat to feed yourself”, but a posh version of it.

Now, let’s wait and see who’s the winner!

Stay tuned, next on the blog my Scottish adventures!

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