Beef tartare + wine: summary of a weekend in Paris!


I have never really liked Paris.
The first time I tried to go, I think in 2010, we couldn’t leave cause it was December and there was too much snow in CDG. Thanks Paris!
The second time, or better the first real time I have been there, was two years ago when I went to visit couple of friends.
This time, I had a ticket to use from my late train to Brussels so I decided September was the right time to go back.

For part of last weekend, the weather was amazing. Hot and sunny. Only Sunday had one too many clouds, but hey you can’t have everything can you.

The evening of my arrival I met with a friend that I met on my first days in London, 4 years ago, when I was studying. It was in fact two years that we didn’t se each other so it’s been great to catch up, specially when we went for dinner in Montmartre. Wine and beef tartare, what else do you need?

I really do not understand what the Brits have against beef tartare, or any type of tartare. You do not know what you’re missing, good Lord.
Anyway, dinner and amazing company – I couldn’t have asked for more.

On the Saturday I went to Versailles, I decided not to visit the castle cause the day was too sunny and beautiful to spend it inside. I went, instead, to the Marie Antoinette Domain: an area (very big!) dedicated just to her, with parks and little castles. What a life, eh?


A great day, specially when we found the perfect spot for some pictures. In fact, this weekend seemed more like a photo shoot than anything else. And it feels nice, cause when I am solo traveling this never happens! Right, let me show you the “Summer 2016 Paris Collections”…

I had fun, I have to admit.

Clearly after a late night, a picnic in the sun, walking with my backpack, arriving late at the Versailles gardens (and not being able to see them!) and all this jumping, you can imagine how tired I was, so early night in Paris and ready to stuff my face again with croissants and other goodies the next morning.

Also, just in case I bought some wine and cheese.

On the Sunday morning we just took a walk next to the river, noticing a marathon and strolling around some beautiful gardens to end up in the Latin quarter for some super tasty crepes for lunch.

Now you tell me, what would you want more?

Stay tuned my friends, Edinburgh is coming up next. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Beef tartare + wine: summary of a weekend in Paris!

    1. Thank you for reading!
      Your blog is cool too!! It’s funny, I started a wine class yesterday and we mentioned Napa Valley! France might be special, but you do have good wine there as well 🙂

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