Chronicles of a foodie weekend. 

Food makes my life better. 

In fact, while writing this post I am eating or better snacking with some Parma ham and olives from Italy. But let’s start from the beginning.

I try to have all my weekends planned and I always go to the gym at 12pm on Saturdays – a good way to kick off the weekend and make sure I don’t go too crazy on Friday night. Last Friday I also had a super healthy meal: sea bass fillet with tomatoes and potatoes and a salad on the side. And a glass of two of white wine. 

My Saturday started with a light breakfast and then off to my Step class. I didn’t want to eat too much after my workout, mainly because it was so tiring and I didn’t want to waste all my efforts. So I went to my Italian friend’s place for lunch and he was like should we make some pasta (of course, what where you expecting?), I said fine let’s make same pasta but I am not eating a lot. Now, that’s the best part… Ready to see how much pasta I had?


We are Italians, that’s the way it works. This mussels and shrimps pasta was lovely, it didn’t take long to make and if you have the right ingredients it can be so tasty. Be warned though, after lunch you’ll experience a deep sense of sleepiness and it will seem like the pillow is talking to you and whisper: “Come and join me on the bed…”. We just couldn’t resist, we did take a nap while watching “Rio 2” – not that I have seen much of the movie anyway. 

One will expect that at this point of the day, it’s done, your day is over. Instead I had the brilliant idea of going out for dinner. 

Recently, the list of the 100 best restaurants in London has been published on the Time Out London. The restaurant we picked for last night’s dinner was on the list, not that this fact influenced our decision because I have always wanted to go anyway and it’s in the local neighbourhood. I did read about it on the magazine and it had amazing reviews. We managed to get a table for two at The begging bowl, surprising cause there’s always a queue and they don’t take bookings. Let me say straight away that I am not a big fan of trendy places that don’t take bookings (specially in London!) and also I am not s big fan of tapas size plates. 

I am not sure where my dislike for Tapas started, but I think it has to do with cultural reasons. When we go for a aperitivo in Italy (a drink before dinner), we usually get small bites to eat as well and most of the times you don’t really pay extra, maybe the drinks are a little bit more expensive but you get food with it. Also I am not a big fan of sharing and I do believe portion should be of a fair size. If you want to try my dish when you’re having dinner with me, that’s ok. But no, I am not going to order 5/6 plates to share as you are recommending on the menu, and then pay a sometimes ridiculous amount of money just because you’re listed in the top 100 and you’re in London. Because I am sure that if I go to Spain, this is not the way it works. In fact, I will be spending New Years Eve in Barcelona, I will let you know. 

This explained, back to last night’s dinner: the tapas concept was fine with me this time since I had that big lunch. 

The food looked good and I liked most of it -except a crab plate I had. The service was ok, the price for what we had was a bit too much. Don’t get me wrong, in prospective the amount we spent it’s maybe a normal amount but compared to the quantity of food, I am not sure it was appropriate. I felt the place was just a bit overrated. We are still talking about a place in Peckham, which is not central but had central London prices. And the other place I felt the same way about was Chevice, renound for Peruvian cuisine. To be honest with you, over priced and no wow factor in the food. 

I am a bit tired of going to overrated places in London and get charged for nothing. And it’s not just about restaurants, we can also include bars and clubs. It’s amazing that London has so many restaurants and chances for you to try foods from all over the world, but sometimes I do find the overpricing unfair, like they’re mocking you.

Anyway, the weekend continued with a brunch on Sunday morning. I think brunch is a brilliant time of the day. I went with some friends in this place called The Table in Southwark. I am a big brunch lover but I never tried this place before. Guess what? The bill was cheaper than last night and the food/service were really good. 

To end the day in the perfect way, we headed to Mercato Metropolitano for a tour of Italian products. Also, remember that the official opening on the 15th of September is coming up. Make sure you go and check it out.
Stay tuned for more adventures: after a month stop from travelling, I’ll be heading to couple of places in the next 5 weeks. To be precise I’ll do 3 weekends away out of 5, to keep up with my “12 trips in 12 months” plan. To be honest, if things stay as they are now, for this year i would have 13 trips on my list. 🙂 

Remember, the best is yet to come. 

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