Mercato Metropolitano: the closest place to Italian Paradise. 

As you all know, I moved to London from Italy four years ago. It’s been a long journey, with many trips back and forth, with plenty of Italian food in the suitcase every single time.

London has so much to offer and the diversity of people, cuisines and activities is what I love about this city. Every now and then you can find the small Italian deli that offers this or that product that you haven’t had the chance to eat in a long time. Like this place in Chiswick where I got the best Gorgonzola ever.

So the other day, when a friend told me an Italian place was opening, I didn’t think it was a big deal. I was like: “Uh, it’s gonna be another one of those small places with couple of great items.”

Not sure what to expect, I went to Mercato Metropolitano yesterday after work since it’s not that far from the tube station to go home: Elephant and Castle. As you might know, the area is renovating and changing so no surprise they decided to invest here.

The place is located couple of minutes walk from the Ministry of Sound. You can’t miss it, the signs are pretty obvious.

The area is huge, 45000 square ft, divided into different sections. They opened last Friday so just one third of the place is now open. The main part, for now, consists in the food market. And no, we are not talking about a small deli, we are talking about a fairly big supermarket with just Italian products. From fruits and veggies, pasta and sauces, to ham and cheese and of course wine.

P a r a d i s e.

I felt like walking in wonderland, everything I thought London was missing is now in a unique place, not far from home.
There’s outdoor space to enjoy a panino col prosciutto and a glass of wine and then there’s another area where different producers are selling fresh bread, cheese, pasta, pizza, ice cream and coffee. A pizzeria is opening soon, as well as a cinema and a gym.

The idea is brilliant. I would have loved to open something like this myself, if I only had the money to invest. 🙂
The concept is to offer Italian quality products to Londoners and I hope this will also help them to understand better the Italian culture, which is not only made by lovely food, but also by amazing and friendly people.

The potential of the place is huge: market, street food, fresh and authentic products but I also think it will be the perfect place for people to chill out, meet friends, attend events.

Mercato Metropolitano  is open from 11am to 11pm (closed Monday) and you can find it at 44 Newington Causeway, London SE1.

What are you waiting for then, go ahead and let me know how good that mortadella is!

Well done guys, keep the good work up!


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