When I decided to move to the UK. 

When I decided to move to the UK I had various reasons: a scholarship, the desire to have new experiences and, in part, the hope to live in a better country. 
Better in the sense of having a better future. A country that had more opportunities to offer than Italy, where you are recognised for what you do and a meritocratic system actually works and where you can hope you’re kids are going to have good chances of a better life. 

After 4 years, I can say I found all of this. Or I thought I did. 

The UK today voted to exit the EU. Imagine the shock when I found out this morning at 6.30am. 

It felt a bit like when your partner cheats on you. You feel disorientated, you can’t believe it happened to you and you ask yourself why. 

Why did you decide to leave? What were the reasons that got you to this point? 

To me it looks like who voted out never travelled outside of their country, it looks like they never had to ask sanitary assistance in any of the other European countries and it also looks like they never read a history book. What do they teach you in school? Do you know anything about the European Union? About the privileges you already have? 

No, you don’t. 

You don’t know how it feels like now living in uncertainty. You don’t know how it feels like to fear that it’s gonna be more complicated to see your family, even if it’s “just” two hours away. You cannot even imagine how it feels like to stop and think: “Do I want to have a kid here? Do I want them to live in a country like this? What values am I going to teach them?”. 

Did you think for a second what to tell your own kids about this? Did you think about the faces of your Turkish baker, your Greek coffee maker, your Italian waiter, your Spanish shopping assistant? How are they going to feel? 

Right, you can argue that we don’t know what’s gonna happen yet and it will at least take two years to figure it out. 

In the meantime, though, I feel betrayed by a country where I invested 4 years of my life. And this is a hell of a long time. 

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