That time in New Orleans.

It happened that I had to go on a business trip to New Orleans. If you know me well enough you’ll know I don’t do usually business trips: I am an office manager and as the word suggests, I need to be in the office. This time, though, our annual conference was taking place in New Orleans so they decided to send me over to help: yay! 

I’ve been to the US once before and that was an epic trip: 9 days in New York after my graduation, meeting friends that I had previously met while I as studying in Germany. 

I didn’t even look into New Orleans that much before leaving, I had been that busy in the previous weeks with work that I didn’t really know what to expect. Plus, I wasn’t sure I would have had that much time to actually see the place due to the conference. 

But first things first: food! I had breakfast in this places suggested by our hotel concierge and it was so crowded. Our waiter and cook was called Peanut and at some point he started signing out loud and everyone was clapping while having breakfast. How entertaining! The portions were typical American, massive pancakes and omelettes!

The rest of the food was interesting too, a lot of shrimps and a surprisingly good turtle soup! 

As said, most of my time was spent at the hotel but I had a wonder in the French quarter, had a proper hot dog, seen the party going on in Bourbon Street and had some fun nights with my colleagues. 

I cannot really say much about what to visit and where to go but I am happy to share some nice pics. 


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