Thailand part III: Phuket and back.

It has been a little more than a week since I came back and I still have that nostalgic feeling, like I left something behind specially if I think about Phuket.

Many years ago, I was probably 13, my parents decided we needed a family trip and so we joined a group of friends for a organized trip to Bangkok and Phuket. That was my first time on a plane and I do remember it well. Scary and exciting, the flight from Venice to Milan was short but thrilling.
I have always been used to travel with my parents, mostly in Italy, so going that far away was super exciting. I do remember my dad showing me the sunset once on the plane to Bangkok and that is one of those unforgettable memories you want to keep in your heart forever.
I also have excellent memories of the temples and the beach in Phuket, so when it was my turn to decide where to go in Phuket, I had no doubt in picking the exact same place.

The flight to Phuket International airport lasts around an hour (£80 more or less with AirAsia) and Kata Beach is on the south part of Phuket, with the minibus it will take an hour or so and you’ll pay around 200 Baht. A taxi will cost you between 900 and 1200 Baht so I will suggest the first option – also because you will need to use the taxi on your way back and there’s no much space to negotiation.

There is a variety of accommodations in the area, I went for a relatively cheap place that seemed nice in the pics but most important it was at walking distance from the beach.
Kata Poolside Resort is the type of place where families stay, it has a big swimming pool, big rooms and a restaurant next door where you can get breakfast and all sort of things (like a lovely Massaman Curry). It’s not the newest place around but it works out, specially if you, like me, spend your time at the beach or eating around or having beers and watching people learning how to surf at Surf House Phuket.

But let’s talk about the important stuff: how does the beach look like?


This post could end here, what else do you need after seeing this?
Instead I would like to tell you how nice it was to drink some coconut water on the beach and how lovely it was to overlook at the sunset while having a beer at the bar at the end of the beach and there’s no need to say I fell in love with every single moment of this.
When you have all these things, the sun, the beach, the beers, the food… what else do you need? Who cares about hi tech phones, busy agendas and awkward relationships?

I didn’t visit much while I was in Phuket, but I did go to the highest place to see the Big Buddha and I also got a blessing by a monk. Pretty intense moment.

Unfortunately, I had to leave Phuket on the Friday to then go back to Bangkok and leave for London on the Sunday. I have to say that if could go back, I would stay to the beach till the very end of my holiday.
When I got back to Bangkok on the Friday night, I got stuck in traffic for at least an hour. I was absolutely out of my mind, asking myself why the hell did I decide to go back to the city? Anyway, for my last two days I stayed at Galeria Ten in Sukhumvit, next door to Terminal 21 a shopping centre with a massive food court that will make you very happy.
The hotel was in a convenient location and the room looked great, also the breakfast was lovely.
On the Saturday I went to Chatuchak weekend market, possibly one of the largest weekend markets.
Tips if you wanna go: go early in the morning, don’t hope that the map is going to help you that much because you’re gonna get lost anyway and stay hydrated. Also, to make your day more enjoyable, eat some sticky rice with mango!

Sunday was my last day in Thailand, I spent it at the swimming pool and packing and taking a nap at the airport.

Leaving for any trip leaves me that feeling that I really wanna go but I am also scared, leaving to come back instead leaves me with a heavy heart and the hope I will be back one day. Because this is what it felt like to leave Thailand, there is so much more to do and to see… and I just want more of all of this: of the temples, the food, the Buddhas, the sun and the sea, of the smiles on people’s faces.

There is one last thing: solo traveling felt amazing. I am always chasing my freedom but I realized freedom was already in me, because it is a state of mind. You don’t need to travel solo to feel free, you already are.
Going on a solo trip for me meant taking care of myself and I did it just for me, no one else and it felt incredible.

If you’re thinking of doing it but you’re not sure, if you’re scared, if you are worried about what people will say… remember that what matters is your happiness, no one else’s.

Goodbye Thailand, I hope to see you soon!


2 thoughts on “Thailand part III: Phuket and back.

  1. Awesome trip! I can’t wait to go next year. Now, let’s plan this Hawaii vacation of your. You can pretend to go solo if you want and chase your freedom here!

    1. When’s that you guys are going next year? Cause I wanna go back and I don’t mind joining some friends 😉
      Hawaii is in my dreams and I’d prefer to have a local guide to be honest… So I’ll look into prices I promise 🙂

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