When you wake up on the floor but Mum comes visit.

If I think about it now, it is a very funny story.

I was deep in my dreams and I didn’t realize I was so close to the end of my bed. So when I tried to turn on my right hand side, I ended up falling on the floor and dragging the duvet with me. Unfortunately I also hit my neck on the corner of my bedside table.
And good morning to you all.
But the best discovery is that I also cracked the screen of my Mac, that fortunately is that old that it doesn’t really make a difference.

What a start of the weekend!
But let’s go back to last weekend when my mum and auntie came to visit: it was my mum’s first time ever in London. How exciting! They arrived Friday evening and stayed till Monday morning so we had two full days to visit the capital.
I took them all over, Natural History Museum, National Gallery, Greenwich and a bit everywhere in Central. When we went to Carnaby Street my mum said “Wait, did you say we are in Cannabis Street?”. Mother, please.
And then I took them to eat in two not really Italian places: Nando’s and Wahaca. And guess what? They loved it!

Since my mum never visited, I didn’t realized how much I missed her in the small things.
I had to do a clothes wash up on Saturday and she helped me with that and after I cooked for her and my auntie, they did all the washing and cleaning of the kitchen.
Of course that’s not only what a mother is for, but I didn’t remember how nice it is when someone takes care of you… I am not used to it, since I have always done all by myself in the past 4 years.



So, after this lovely weekend the only thing left to do is count down the days for Thailand…
-5 and then sun sun sun.

Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!

2 thoughts on “When you wake up on the floor but Mum comes visit.

  1. A me invece è capitato 2 volte in tutti questi anni di svegliarmi con il rumore di un botto, accendere la luce e vedere mia moglie che riemergeva da sotto al letto dove era caduta 🙂

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