Otherworlds: visions of our Solar System.

A month.

January has been quiet and with a lot of time to myself.
I used it to think about all sort of things, to read, to catch up with Homeland.

Last week, thought, my friend that lives in Milan came to visit. It has been a relaxed weekend as well, after all it’s January, we can’t really go out and party half naked.
So we decided to play the part of the smart ones and went to see the exhibition at the Natural History Museum called: “Otherworlds: visions of our Solar System” by Michael Benson, featuring original music by Brian Eno.
We were tempted by the wildlife photography exhibition as well, but we thought this was more unique and rare to see.
Tickets are around £10 and you’ll soon realize it’s very well spent money.

The exhibition is hosted in this dark area, with picture hanging on dark walls.
As soon as you get in though, you’ll be standing there with your mouth open checking this amazing picture of Planet Earth out. It is just so beautiful.
Your journey through the exhibition will leave you speechless, also because there is music in the background. And not any kind of music, but some really appropriate sounds that will make you think you’re walking on the moon (even if there is no sound in the space – as one of the boards will explain).

I tried to take a picture, not sure if it was allowed or not. In any case, the picture didn’t make any justice to the real one so I am not even going to post it.

If you’re in London, you definitely want to go and have a look.
Spoiler alert: the pics of the Sun are absolutely amazing.

Stay tuned, Brussels is coming up this weekend.

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