Weekend in Norway: hello Oslo!


The very unusual circumstances that brought me to Oslo are: one too many beers, Skyscanner on hand in a pub and the believe that I have only one life at my disposal.

Oslo has been quite a surprise, I have never looked into it so I had no idea what to expect. I found out that the sun is brighter, the air clearer and that the night is very dark (and long – maybe full of terrors too?).

At the end of November, the sun goes up at 8.30/8.45 am.
If you are lucky, then the light will be perfect for taking pictures: it looked like Oslo was glowing.
We went straight to Holmenkollen, where there is a pretty big sky jump (I had never seen one before so to me it looked huge) that has been used also for the Winter Olympics and has a capacity of 70.000 spectators.
I have to tell you that climbing all the way to the top is quite an effort, but you can get a lift – just at the very end, sorry.
The view that you get from there though, in a sunny day, is stunning and absolutely worth it. Breathtaking.
The sun goes down at 3.30pm and then the darkness comes.


When you have a DLSR but you don’t have a tripod, any surface is good, trust me.

The next morning, after a quick walk through to the city centre, I went straight to the Opera House, a beautiful contemporary building completed in 2007.

The sun wasn’t out yet, but the view overlooking the Oslofjord was amazing. And pretty freezing as well.
One of the very fascinating things about this city is how modern some of the buildings are, but on the other hand you still have quite traditional houses in some next door neighborhood.

Next stop: Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art by Renzo Piano. Beautiful building, hosting an exhibition called “Good Morning America”.
Modern Art is not really my thing but I did enjoy it and it’s always good to learn something new.

But the sunset afterwards? Priceless.



And to end the weekend in the perfect way, Christmas markets and Christmas lights on. What could you possibly want more?

Oslo is perfect for a quick weekend. I do wonder how beautiful this place must be in summer time, when light is all you have for most part of the day.
Now, couple of more days and then off to Italy for a quick Christmas break.
Stay tuned.

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