Olive oil tasting: Antichi Frantoi Francescani Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I have to say that I usually spend my Saturdays “tasting” wines.
This Saturday, though, I reached a whole new level: an olive oil tasting, thanks to a Sfoodle giveaway!

Sfoodle is the “marketplace for slow food”. They are all about bringing artisan food products to the public, focusing on small producers and sustainable ingredients. They sent me the Antichi Frantoi Francescani Extra Virgin Olive Oil and I am so excited to share the product review with you.

I quickly learned how to recognize good olive oils when I was younger: my mum is from a region called Puglia, in the South of Italy and we have always used the oil from there. I still remember my mum saying that if the oil has a good quality, you can tell from simply pouring it on a piece of bread.
So after smelling it (you could actually smell the olives!), that’s what I did.


Being used to olive oils from the big UK supermarket, I usually don’t pay attention to the taste or color of the oil. This one, though, was bright yellow… and trust me, after 3 years in the London, this fact will amaze you too. The taste was intense, it reminded me of the Italian countryside, of my family and the good things I left at home.
It also made me realize the not so good quality of the oil I am currently buying.

So I tried the oil (which comes in a nice glass bottle, don’t you dare buying olive oil that comes in a plastic bottle!) in several ways: I had it on my salad the other night and I don’t need to tell you that even the sad salad from Asda seemed to be alive after that.
I also made a savory tart tonight: puff pastry filled with ham, courgettes, potatoes and mozzarella. The final touch before putting it in the oven was just a tiny bit of Antichi Frantoi Francescani Extra Virgin Olive Oil. But let me show you… sorry guys, I can’t send you a slice unfortunately!

My housemate tried both the oil and the tart and she said it was amazing.
Since I am so in love with this product, while I was waiting for the tart to cook… I know, but I literally couldn’t resist.

Let me summarize.

Packaging: practical glass bottle, with details about the oil 10/10
Oil color: a beautiful bright yellow 10/10
Taste: intense, strong, sharp but gentle enough for you to think about Italian olives straight away 10/10

The only downside? I want more. 🙂

Many thanks to Gabriele from Sfoodle for sending this over. If you want more info about the product please follow this link.


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