Rome wasn’t built in a day, hey hey hey.

The fact that I have friends all over is no mystery.
Having traveled, studied and lived abroad it has always been pretty easy to achieve the goal “a friend per continent”. I’d like to have a friend per country, let’s say I am working on that.

I have known my friend that lives in Rome for ages. We met in 2002, when I was “only” 15. You know that funny age. We met in Trieste, in summer and I have to admit he is one of my closest and dearest friends. He knows me so well and he is the one I call if I am in trouble. Surprisingly, I never thought to visit or maybe I just never had the chance. Couple of months ago I realized my travels this year have all been directed to Trieste and I thought that a change was needed. Plus Norwegian airlines had a good price, by the way flying with them has been great… forget Ryanair!
So I left on a Friday evening and came back on the Sunday, expecting a warm sun and instead Rome welcomed me with the rain. How lovely!
But you know what, I wanted to make the most of my days anyway so we spent the whole Saturday walking trough the city and taking pics.
Rome has a very fascinating and ancient beauty.


Even if the weather wasn’t at its best, and we were soaked, I did really enjoy going back to Rome. Even more, I enjoyed the pizza. A LOT of pizza.
I have to say, though, that much more could be done to preserve this beauty. Walking around the city I have seen places not cared for, ruined by graffiti and so on. Why does it have to be like that? Why do the trains have to be dirty and stinky? Why transportation has to be so not so organized?
I don’t want to say it but I have to admit that when you go to Italy all the stereotypes that you have in mind, are true.
It was Sunday evening, we wanted to buy a tube ticket but we had just a €20 note. No place where to get some change. No machine to give you change at the station. What are you supposed to do? Walk home? So we did what in London would be outrageous: we didn’t pay. And I didn’t like it, but what was the other option? The facilities are missing. And no one cares to improve that.

Anyway, the second day we got lucky, the sun was out!

How can you not love it? The moon was out as well and having a steady hand for the pic was quite difficult so I was like using anything to put my camera on. The result is quite impressive, I have to say.

Rome has been good to me, just what I needed (and deserved!) 🙂
Stay tuned, there is one more trip to come and a very interesting olive oil testing… you just don’t want to miss that!

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