“Back where I belong.”

Shame on me! It’s been a month since the last post and I remember promising to keep you posted.
Well, I guess my job took over my life but I am trying to work on that and find time for myself as well during the week. Not saying I am managing well but at least I am trying!

The new job is good, I wake up in the morning thinking that yes I’d like to stay in bed for a bit longer but I am also eager to go out there and see what challenge the day is going to bring me. It is amazing how life changes when you do something you love and you are appreciated for the efforts you are putting into it. I feel this change arrived at the right time in my life and I feel the path I am following is the right one as well. Don’t know where this is going to take me, but I guess we will find out.

On the other hand, there’s another change happening anytime soon. I am moving out! 3 houses in 3 years is not bad for the London standards, but now I really need a bigger place. I am at that point where I can’t no longer share a house with 4 other people, where I’d like to dance in my underwear in the living room (if there is one, clearly) and also be able to actually host my friends and family if they’re visiting. At the moment, none of this is possible so this is why I decided to move out. Luckily a friend of a friend is looking as well so we decided to combine our forces to find a 2 bedroom. Prices are high and the search is not going so well but as she said, “we just need to believe” we are going to find it.

Now, back to house hunting. I will leave you with Jack Savoretti’s last song music video “Back where I belong”.
As you might remember, I went to his concert some months ago and I went back to see him at the Roundhouse on Thursday. He was as sexy and talented as always. A beautiful voice. If you don’t know him yet, check him out!

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