Last weekend in Bath…


Last weekend, after the Bristol wedding, I have decided to visit Bath that is located just 15 minutes away by train.
A beautiful and warm day welcomed me and I started the day with a delicious breakfast at Cafe Au Lait, just opposite the station. From there I then decided to walk randomly in the city, I had no map or plans.
The city centre is lovely and it had also a market going on. After walking for like 15 minutes maximum from the station, I spotted the Bath Abbey.




As soon as I got in I realized that a piano concert was about to take place, what a perfect time!
Do you ever think that things are happening for a reason? I am 100% sure of it. So knowing this, I sat down in the Abbey and  I closed my eyes listening to the pianist.
I still had 4 hours before catching the train back to London so I decided that visiting the Roman Baths was wise enough even if I wasn’t planning it, I am from Italy after all… do you really think I have never seen Roman ruins before?
But I have to say, that visiting the Roman Baths is worth it, even fi you’re italian. The entrance is around £15 and be prepared to queue, unless you buy the tickets online. Free audio guides are available at the entrance, in different languages. Not getting one is silly, cause the audio guide really give you all the info you need and it helps explaining what was happening where.



DSC09788 Bath is the only place in the UK where you will find a natural hot water spring and it is also a World Heritage site by UNESCO. No doubt I will advise you to have a look if you’re passing by!
My day trip to Bath ended with a walk back to the station, ready to catch a train to London Waterloo.


DSC09719Bye Bath, see you soon!


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