Afternoon tea at Le Méridien Piccadilly.

Imagine you live in London since 3 years.
Imagine you have never been to an afternoon tea yet.
Imagine then that you have an amazing friend that decides to take you there as a belated birthday present.
Well, now you have got the idea of my sunday afternoon.
Oh, sorry. I just forgot to mention one more thing: imagine it pink.

Schermata 2015-07-06 a 19.59.55
We were welcomed with some Prosecco, scones, sandwiches and a massive table of cakes.
P A R A D I S E.

Also, we then realized that we could dress up because they were providing wigs and other funny items.


I would like to write some more words but to be honest, you can see that it’s been a pretty amazing afternoon by looking at this pictures (thanks Lizzie for the pics!).
I definitely recommend having a look online and booking for an afternoon tea there, it’s totally worth it!
Stay tuned,


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