The wedding season is here… hello summer!

Schermata 2015-06-09 a 19.18.17This is a love story.
The love story of two of my good friends that got married last weekend in Trieste.

It’s been a quick (and physically tiring) weekend but every second of it was worth it.
The weather was perfect, the location was amazing and they were so beautiful that I almost cried with joy for them. And I just felt so happy to be there and have the chance to share that moment with them.

I arrived on Friday afternoon and I couldn’t believe the weather was so good. I went straight home, had dinner, got changed and off again to have a drink with some friends. No need to say I got home really late (“Oh yes let’s see each other just for one drink…”) and not really sober. Of course on Saturday morning I was just telling myself what an idiot I was. Too late, the sun was waiting for me so I decided to spent 2 hours at the beach with a friend. The feeling of sunbathing and walk into the sea was unbelievable. I immediately felt recharged.
The wedding was at 3.30 pm and it was boiling plus I was running late. The atmosphere was just too good to rush…

The moment when the bride walked into the church is always the most touching for me: you get to see the dress and her joyful face walking towards the groom. Also, the fact that the dad is walking the bride down the aisle is always an emotional moment for me, but that’s another story.
My lovely friends looked stunning and the car they used to leave the church was sooo cute.


After the ceremony we went to celebrate the big day and we did it properly.
The reception venue was out of town on the hills and the view, once on top, was pretty cool.

I decided to go for a navy dress from Forever21 and apparently navy/dark blue was a really popular color! And don’t worry mum, I was wearing heels for as long as I could. 🙂

And here they are, ladies and gents… I am happy to introduce you the bride and the groom!

As always, food is a big deal from where I am from so we started having a reception with finger food and other gorgeous stuff and of course Prosecco was THE drink.
The fact that the wedding was in the afternoon meant that there was a wonderful light for the whole afternoon while we were drinking, eating and taking selfies outside.

DSC09586 DSC09582 DSC09587

The rest was all about an amazingly decorated dining room, a great dinner, a lot of noise from my table shouting “kiss, kiss, kiss” to the newly married couple and a lot of wine.
The cut of the cake was in a marquee outside the venue, with glowing lights plus two more tables of tiny desserts.

Wonderful isn’t it?
There’s only one thing to do after all this food and wine… dance and drink a mojito and that’s exactly what we did.

It has been a pleasure to be part of all of this and I feel so lucky to have these amazing friends in my life.
Being in another country isn’t easy, specially when you see them all together having fun (possibly at the beach with a drink in their hands!) and you’re sitting alone in the cold weather of London (yes I was wearing a scarf today), but every single time I am back they never make me feel an outsider, the one that moved somewhere else; instead I still feel part of that group and I know they love me, as I do love them despite the distance.

To Sandra and Stefano, I wish you a very happy life together. Having someone that you really love on your side changes everything and suddenly life becomes more pleasant and enjoyable.

With love,

2 thoughts on “The wedding season is here… hello summer!

  1. Yes we do love you A LOT, you definitely deserve it and we wish we could more often share awesome experiences with you! BUT you being far away also means that we better chew and taste those few moments we share :). Un bacione Giuppolina! Ti vogliamo tanto bene!

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