Chronicles of a Saturday afternoon in Central London.

The brightest idea on a Saturday afternoon?
Going shopping in Oxford street.

I am dress hunting for the two upcoming weddings. The first one is next weekend, two of my good and awesome friends are getting married next Saturday in my hometown.
So today I had nothing to do and I decided that it was the right time to go central to do some shopping. Except that everybody else had the same idea. Oxford street is usually packed. Doesn’t matter the day, the time, if it’s freezing, if it’s raining. Nobody cares, they want to go shopping anyway.
Thankfully, I knew where I wanted to go and what I was looking for so here I am at Forever 21 (which is how I feel everyday), looking for a dress. Technically, I am looking for two dresses. So I tried on like 5 dresses and one looked good (usually it’s none). Now the questions is, when will I use this dress? For the first wedding or the second one?
It’s a long dress, dark blue. I do love it and I have a feeling I want to use it for the first wedding… just because it is in the evening and it makes me think that I need a long dress. Don’t you all agree?

Anyway, I was walking back to the bus stop because I couldn’t handle that amount of people anymore except that I needed the toilet (sorry, wanna give you a detailed report) and I thought that John Lewis was the right place to find a toilet. I want to reassure all of you and say that I eventually found it and just when I was about to get out of the building, I noticed that there was a sign on the wall saying something like “Hey come to our rooftop” (not exactly but you got the message).
John Lewis, a rooftop? Whaaaat? Frank’s Café in Peckham is not even open but John Lewis has a rooftop! The world is spinning the wrong way round.
Do you want to see it? Of course you do…

IMG_1930 IMG_1931
Nice for Central London. If you’re hungry/thirsty there’s Rossopomodoro and Joe & The Juice up there.
And a bit of a view, not as stunning as other places but you get to see the crowd downstairs and think “No way I am going back in there”.

IMG_1935 IMG_1934
I have to say I did enjoy it, especially because it was a massive surprise in the heart of the city.
When I finally left, I had to go to Oxford Circus and it took me quite a long time. But when I got there I got distracted by this:

I don’t know if you can see it but it says: “Play to win prizes”. It was a giant game where you could win God knows what. Genius. Still too manny people but definitely a good looking and catchy result for the creative agency that came up with this idea.
Enough information for today, stay tuned and take care.

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