Breath gentle and smile.


This year I am spending a lot of time up in the clouds, this was my 3rd time flying back home and I will actually go back in two weeks for a wedding. Feels like I am spending more time in Trieste than London. Not that I mind… 🙂
If you’ll ever have to drive to enter the city, you will drive on this road where you can see the whole Gulf of Trieste and you can actually stop in a couple of spots to take some pictures.
Yesterday I went to a Christening out of town and I was on my way back to my flat when I realized it was sunny after two days of rain so I decided to stop along the road and take this beautiful pic. The sea has a really calming effect on me. And it made me smile. I wish I could have shared that special moment with couple of good friends but I have decided, instead, to share it with all of you. Because life is good if shared.

June is going to be a really busy month for me and I literally can’t wait. I’ve always liked being active because if I settle down then I become lazy. And that’s what happened with my running… but the weddings season is starting so I really need to start again because I have to admit I do feel better when I run. 🙂
Also, there’s a bit of travel planning needed. What kind of holiday do I want to do? With someone or by myself? I actually might not have time for a proper holiday but I hope to have couple of days to spend with my nieces in Croatia.
Stay tuned for more news and hopefully more sea.

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