Londonicious #8: brunch at The Breakfast Club.

(Suggested soundtrack for this post: – The Breakfast Club will approve!)

Apparently I can’t talk about anything else than food. It really looks like food is my biggest love and if you’re on a diet cause summer is approaching (not in London…), then it’s better to avoid this post.
The Breakfast Club is an institution. It is THE place for brunch. But if you want to go there you need to be prepared: the queue is long and not very fast (at least not last time).
My friends and I decided to go there last Sunday, it was a beautiful sunny day and we were dying for a proper brunch. My former flat mare from Paris was in town and she loves The Breakfast Club so we decided to try the London Bridge branch.

Old housemates faces…
New housemates faces…

45 minutes and couple of pictures later we managed to get a table for 4. At that point we were starving but these lovely pineapples kept us company.

The menu has plenty of options and I went straight for the full American. Pancakes and bacon? Yes please!

Oh hello…

As you can see, it was awesome and I will wait in a queue for another 45 minutes to get one of these plates again. Pretty please.
It’s funny cause I never used to eat savory stuff for breakfast, as you might know in Italy we go for sweet items. Instead, every now and then I do love some eggs and salmon or bacon.

Very happy brunch faces!

The portions are massive and for my plate plus an orange juice I spent £14.50. Sounds like a very great deal! I felt very happy after eating it, because that’s what food does to me. And don’t even start about diet, summer, bikinis and all of those things. I don’t care, mainly because it’s not that I am having brunches everyday 🙂 plus yesterday I walked 9km so hell yeah that I deserved it.
Since it was a lovely day my French friend and I decided to have a walk (we definitely needed to digest) by the Thames and we ended up opposite the Shard, where we took some amazing pictures. Felt like one of those fashion bloggers, except that I was wearing normal clothes.





If you are wondering, the scarf is from H&M. Sorry to disappoint fashionistas.
Last but not least, a very important advice: we do have bees in London. Keep an eye on it, while playing it cool on a bench that has flowers behind you.

You said bee?


2 thoughts on “Londonicious #8: brunch at The Breakfast Club.

  1. Hahahaha I love it ! Yes one of the best place in the whole world to have brunch after a long week at work … or a long walk through London ^^.

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