And there it is: I was missing you, sun.


It is going to be a long and painful summer.
Growing up in a place on the sea, when the summertime comes it is always really difficult. Specially now, in social media times when everyone is keeping us updated on how cool was being at the beach all day. Thank you friends, you are awesome!
But hey, it can’t rain forever so yesterday it was one of the first good sunny days (on a weekend) after ages. I seriously don’t remember when I could tan my face a bit – not that it worked out so well.
Being Italian in this case is a serious matter: we need the sun for our well being. I do feel I am grumpy and in a seriously bad mood when the sun is not out. I feel as sad as if I don’t eat a proper meal. I know, terrible right?
Acceptance is the solution: I can’t have everything right now. I do have lovely housemates, awesome friends, a good job, an amazing family… but GOODBYE SUN, I will see you in another life.
Anyway I managed to find a temporary solution to this issue which is… I am going to Italy next weekend! And let’s all pray the weather will assist me.
In the meantime, let’s keep going with the usual stuff and not think about it. 🙂
Stay tuned for new food news and the usual pictures of me eating.


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