Londonicious #7: brunch at Heddon Street Kitchen.

I was craving brunch since a long time. Then, a friend of mine was in London for the weekend so we decided to go for it. We went to The Breakfast Club first (the Soho one) but the queue was way too long. So we decided to go to Heddon Street Kitchen instead, where my housemate is currently working.
Heddon Street is one of the Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants, it opened last year and there is a similar one called Bread Street Kitchen next to St. Paul’s. They do brunch over the weekend and all sort of other modern delicatessen every other day.


The restaurant looks very modern and elegant. There’s also an outside area, with blankets if you get cold.
We went for a classic brunch: toast with salmon, eggs Benedict and hollandaise sauce. Delicious! We also decided to add some chips to it and a nice orange juice.


The staff was really on it, the food came out pretty quickly and we definitely don’t have anything to complain about. Well done Gordon, or in this case, all the people working for him.

I strongly recommend this restaurant, especially if you want to have brunch in a nice and elegant place, avoiding the usual touristic places.
Also, remember to take a walk after eating all this food… you will definitely need it! 🙂


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