Love has no labels.

Because “before anything else, we are all human”.
Today it’s Tuesday and as you all know I am a big fan of, where I always find lovely and inspiring talks to share with you. Today, though, I decided to talk about something I bumped into while on my lunch break.
The website is called and it’s all about biases and prejudice.
The video shows two skeletons kissing and hugging, the cool thing is that the skeletons at some point come out of the screen and you can see who they really are. The fact that you don’t see that in the first place doesn’t make you think about who’s kissing who. I mean, why would you think about it? Is it a woman with another woman? A black man and a white woman? A disable kid playing with another kid? You just don’t know until you see it, and the fact that you don’t know is awesome because it takes all the prejudice away.
At the end of the video I was almost in tears, because love is powerful and this is the main message that I got from the video. Doesn’t matter what religion you believe in, what color your skin is and what your sexual orientation is.
Enjoy the video, I really hope your day will get better after this 🙂

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