The importance of loving yourself very much.

And do the things that you love the most. In my case, because I do obviously love myself very much, it is going to a concert. Last night I have been at George Ezra’s concert at the Electric in Brixton. It was a night hosted by the Brit Awards and there were three other bands (Nothing But Thieves, Josef Salvet and Seafret) playing 30 minutes sessions each, before him. George played for half an hour as well and even if I didn’t know it was going to last less than expected, I loved it. He is a very talented musician with an amazing voice. CaptureThis is the second concert I am attending by myself (you can read about the very first time here) and I have to say I am enjoying it a bit more every single time. It could be awkward, if you think about it too much. Entering the venue by yourself, not having someone to talk to, having a drink by yourself and no one that keeps you the spot, if it’s a standing only concert and you need the loo. But when the concert starts and the lights are gone, you can embrace yourself and enjoy every single moment of it. Plus there is no one that talks to you while your favorite singer is playing that amazing song that you like. Breathe. And make the most of it, cause life is too short to be scared of doing things by yourself. Now we might just as easily call these fears by a different name. What if instead of calling them fears, we called them stories? Because that’s really what fear is, if you think about it. Hope you enjoys today’s Ted Talk!! x

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