Londonicious #5: Gordon’s Wine Bar

The thing that I used to miss in London is that “europeaness” of some local bars. When I go to Gordon’s wine bar, I feel at home.
It is located in Central London, between Embankment station and Charing Cross so it’s very easy to reach. It is also always super busy so don’t expect to find seats inside in the winter (probably not even in the summer!) but they have plenty of seats outside, perfect in the warm season, as if we had that in London.
According to its website, Gordon’s is the oldest wine bar in London (born in 1890). As soon as you walk in you will understand that there is something in the air that makes you feel back in the centuries. It looks a bit like a dark dungeon but it still feels cosy. The wine list is long, so my suggestion is to go with someone that knows about wines or at least have an idea about what kind of wine you’d like to have (white? Red? Dry? Sweet? Port?). The prices are probably a bit high compared to what I am used to in Italy, where we have actually a similar place but with more local wines, but having a glass of wine here is worth all the money. I am currently a big fan of red wines with Malbec from Argentina on top of my list. I also like wines from Chile and it goes without saying that Montepulciano d’Abruzzo from Italy is enjoyable as well.
And, there is one more thing. They also have food, which of course includes cheeses from Italy, UK, France and many other countries. Why don’t you have a look at their menu? So you can be ready to order as soon as you get in.
It really goes without saying that I love this place. This is my idea of London being more European, with cosy bars and coffee shops where you can relax and have a drink and a chat with your friends.
Now, let’s have a look shall we?

Photo by Jerry Burns, from!/gallery
Photo by Jerry Burns, from!/gallery
Photo by Simon Burgess, from!/gallery
Photo by Simon Burgess, from!/gallery

The only thing left to do is to go downtown and give it a try.


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