And here we go, hello 2015.

A bit later than expected, but I finally managed to find some time to write on my lovely (and not properly treated) blog.
Actually, one of the things I want  to do this year is to put more effort in this project.
No, I still don’t feel like I want to write about just one thing. I think I want to focus on what’s happening in my life and mixing it with some London life suggestions when possible. After all, London is still the place where I live and I am quite loving it sometimes.
As you know, I am usually home sick or I do have this belief that at home things are better, tastier, sunnier, funnier. Wrong.
London can be welcoming and nice as well.
Christmas at home is been fab, lots of friends, food and drinks (sorry, that’s the Italian way!). As usual, I have been quite sad when I had to leave but I was relived to leave the cold weather behind (surprisingly, it’s been quite warm in London recently).
When the New Year comes, I usually think about what I want to change and improve in my life. This year I still didn’t had a chance to do it so I thought that an official list would be appropriate.
So these are the things I want to improve/change in this 2015:

  • Be happier and accept whatever is happening as it is, remembering I cannot change it all.
  • Be grateful for tons of things I always take for granted: my amazing family, my lovely Italian friends, my UK friends and all those people that are coming and going but that are always leaving something important to me anyway. Most important, be more grateful for the experience of living abroad that is happening right now.
  • Travel: this is always on my list and always will be. Last year isn’t been great for travelling, except the travels back home. So my main focus this year is to do more than that either with small trips or a big one. Work in progress.
  • Last but not least, I want to do more. More of everything: love, laugh, kiss, hug, meet new people, take more pictures, know more stuff, listen to new stories, discover new interests.

Focusing on these things is not compulsory but I will try my best to follow the list. If not, I can say I tried and start again the following year.
Wishing you an amazing 2015, stay tuned for some pictures of my last trip to Cambridge!


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