A new tradition to bring on.

It’s Christmas Cards time…


I am talking about Christmas cards.
We are not used to do it in Italy or well, some of us are doing it anyway but it’s not done with the same effort that people put in it here. And I have to say I was a bit surprised from all the cards I received at the new job, where I am still quite new. So this year I have decided to send some cards back and write some for my friends and family in Italy.
The Christmas madness is almost over: I have worked so hard in the past month, helped organizing a Christmas lunch, done some extra shift to happily buy some presents, done long hours during the weekends and enjoyed some managing shifts. But, I couldn’t do all of this for another month so I am glad the next Christmas is in the next 12 months.
Now the only thing left to do is to pack and fly to Italy where my family is waiting for me and so are my friends. I literally can’t wait, I wouldn’t spend my Christmas in any different way. Ok, maybe if I could take all my friends and family in a sunny and hot island… but that’s another story.

London is been bright and christmassy and full of lights and colors for the past month and a half, the other night for example they just switched on the lights on the Shard (thanks to The Daily Mail for the article). It’s gonna go on until the New Year Celebrations.
But this year I won’t be in London over NYE to see any of this, so I guess I’ll wait for it to go on TV.
I will be in Trieste greeting the new year, with no proper plan yet. Some of my friends are going away, so I will stick with those staying in town and to be honest I won’t mind having a quite evening.
2014 is been a weird year, I spent half of it hating London and fighting to have a plan and in the other half I realized something that someone taught me a long time ago: things cannot be always controlled so let it go (as Frozen will say).
And this is what I want to bring with me in this 2015: whatever is meant to happen, will happen.
But I will never stop looking for what I am missing. Sounds like a contradiction? Oh well, fortunately  we are just humans.

So now, off to pack… not that I have that much to pack, my bag is just full of presents and there’s no way I can fit anything else.
London, I will see you soon!
Stay tuned for some Trieste news.


Doesn't really matter where I am standing, I can always see you.
Doesn’t really matter where I am standing, I can always see you.


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