That unknown thing called “free time”.

Schermata 2014-12-07 a 11.31.33
Christmas time @ the Southbank Centre

Sunday in bed it’s something that doesn’t happen really often, or at least it didn’t happen very often.
Since less than a month my life is a bit changed, a new job happened (yes, it just happened out of nowhere! Yay!) and for the first time since I am in London I had to deal with some free time. Free time? I have no idea what we are talking about here.
I have to confess I like to keep myself busy, active, doing tons of things when I can, even if I am tired, even if I am grumpy. It’s like I am not used to have time off, also because my life is been pretty though in the last two years: work work work, 17 hours shifts, working in the evenings and sleeping in the mornings, waking up early and finishing late, friends that I don’t have time to see and my body that was hurting most of the times for the hard work. Hard life, but challenging.
I am still adapting to the new condition and since Christmas is coming (17 days to go according to I am still doing some shifts after the new job. Plus, some extra money is always handy in the most expensive city ever.
Talking about money going out, yesterday I decided it was time to start with the Christmas presents. Every year I tell myself that no, this year I won’t buy a single present and then I end up fighting with people in Primark because there isn’t enough space to walk or because I have to queue to pay (a very long queue). At least, most of my presents are now done and fortunately I do have couple of weeks to make up for the ones I forgot. I just have only one small problem which is… it might happen that these presents won’t fit in my suitcase. Because it is easy for you, born and raised in London. Every year I have to fight with my North Face bag and hope that everything’s gonna fit. Otherwise I will just leave without taking any clothes with me, because after all I do have “some” clothes back at home.

London is in a festive mood since early November as usual. Lights all over the city, Christmas trees up all over the place and the usual queue to buy anything. Oh and yes, Frozen.
I haven’t seen the movie, but my nieces did and without even saying, they loved it! So the challenging life of a Auntie in 2014 is to buy anything Frozen related. I was about to buy a PJ yesterday. Instead I bought some leggings and two little bags. Because if you had any doubt, I have already been in a Disney shop in Paris to buy something else. So I would say that at the moment, Frozen is taking most of the space in my bag. Come on little princess, you need to leave some space for other stuff.

So here we go: sunday off, catching up with TV shows, finishing my last book “One hundred years of solitude” by G. G. Marquez and making some chicken with potatoes. Life couldn’t be better at the moment.
Stay tuned.

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