Barcolana 46: the beauty of the sea and its smell.


I could smell it the second I was driving next to it with my windows open: the sea.
It’s amazing how we can forget some things if we are not around them so much, but then we remember them in one second when we’re back. That’s what happened to me, I do miss the sea every day but I learnt to live without it you know. But then, its smell hits me every time I am back home.
This year I have been back 4 times and I know it is a clear sign that something’s “wrong”, or maybe not really wrong but it’s definitely a sign.
Anyway, being back for the annual regatta was amazing. There were almost 2000 boats this year and so many people that the phone reception wasn’t working (clear sign of a lot of people, come on!).
I feel like I spent my days sleeping, but I know I have done some other stuff as well: partied, had drinks with friends, spent time with my family and thought about how lovely is to enter your own room with your stuff all over. I also met some new people which is been interesting and surprising.
Trieste was beautiful and alive with all those tourists, but still there’s so much work to do for it to be the city I am dreaming about.






In the meantime, I’m off again this time to Paris. I am pretty curious to see if it is really how everyone says it is.
Stay tuned for more news from Paris, then!

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