Love in the time of that damn Tinder app.

Last night I was thinking about finally writing on this Tinder app.
I started using it probably this year in January, randomly and because I was so bored. And yes, because it was cold as well.
So, after reading about it all over the place, I decided to try it. I had tons of matches and I also had couple of dates, that went “ok” but I cannot say I met the man of my life. Because meeting “the one” is not the purpose of this app, even if apparently it happened sometimes. In my case, everything is more complicated.
I have never been a fan of online dating and since using Tinder I have become even worse in judging people: I press the red button when I see group pictures (why the hell?), if they have a name I don’t like, if they have tons of pics with sunglasses, if they are drinking or seem hangover in the pictures. It’s also a no for some nationalities, which make me sound a bit racist but picking what you’re looking for isn’t the main purpose of the app?
And then, everything gets so boring. You start chatting about the same stuff, then you decide to meet and I swear you end up talking exactly about the same things every time: “where are you from?”, “where do you work?”, “Oh, you are from Italy… where about? I have been in Rome”.
The only reason why I keep the app is to see some pretty faces now and then, because there is no way I am going to another Tinder date anytime soon. It’s too much effort for something that it’s just not worth it.
As I see it, we should stop using the internet to meet people and we should go out and start talking more to strangers. What is gonna happen in the next 20 years? It is gonna be even worse? Will we choose our husbands accordingly to their online profiles? Is someone already doing it?
But I know that “go out and talk to strangers” is definitely not gonna happen in London, no one does it unless is to say “sorry” or because that person is really drunk. Which makes me even more sad.
I might have a romantic vision of love, but I don’t want to adapt to the online situation. I am more a “Love in the time of Cholera” fan and I cannot hide the fact I am mediterranean: I could talk to walls if needed.
So here is the thing: leave that damn new iPhone at home, go out with your friends and meet other friends, enjoying a chat and a glass of wine. The world will be a better place for everyone.

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