A painfully beautiful love.

Here I am, in my new room in Elephant and Castle. I am back where I started two years ago, in the same area as before. Coming back is been weird, but nice. I didn’t remember that this area is so central, so buzzy and the market is so lovely.
Markets are always been my passion: they show me the true soul of any place I have visited.
Same here in London.
Ah, London how much have I loved you? You are like an old friend now, one of those you happily see for a “cuppa” every now and then. I am truly in love with you, with your streets, your iconic venues, your sunsets on the thames, your smell that I cannot describe, your people from every country. But London, I also hate you. I hate you because you won’t let me have time to do anything else than work, because you are so expensive that I cannot afford not to work, because I don’t have time to have time, because your sucking my life out of me. But, if I think about it, with a big love also comes a big pain. And that’s how my relationship is with you, full of love and pain.
If I think about these two years, some beautiful memories come to my mind, some experiences that I will take with me forever. I sometimes think that when I’ll be old, or when I’ll have children and grandchildren I will have the chance to tell them about that time when I was doing that cool job in London. And, maybe who knows, they won’t believe me.
But I will remember all the people I have met, all the venues I loved, all the laughs I had.
Because maybe it is time. Time to decide what to do next.

I really don’t know what’s the plan. I never knew. But tonight I felt like it was the right time to start thinking about it.
It’s not the first time in my life that I can feel the love for a place where I have lived. I left bits of my heart in Australia and in Germany, not mentioning the permanent piece of heart that is in the south of Italy. Living with all those bits around is not easy, but is doable because I realized this made me a better person, a person that knows how painfully beautiful is to be in love.
Stay tuned?

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