Londonicious #4: the essential place that will save your iPhone.

Today I want to share with you this panic attack experience that happened to me two days ago. 
It was a quite normal day when my iPhone wasn’t charging anymore. Like not even with a different cable or plug, not even if I plugged it into my Mac. Nothing. 
Well, as you can imagine I got first a panic attack then I almost cried. Yes, we humans are incredibly attached to these stupid technologic stuff, but there is nothing that I can do at the moment to solve this addiction (mostly because I don’t want to solve it for now). It will come a day when I will go to Asia or somewhere in the middle of nowhere where I won’t have signal and then I will accept the fact that I can survive without it. 
So yes, the iPhone was basically gone when a friend of mine sent me a message saying “Oh hey, check this out, this place saved my life!”. The place, located close to Tottenham Court Road station in London, is called iCorrect and I was definitely expecting a shop when I went there to see what they could do for my phone. 
Instead, there is a doorbell and a lovely young lady that will open the door asking what’s wrong with your phone. Once that you explained to her what the matter is, she will take your details (and your phone) and go upstairs to check it (for free) and after like 20 minutes she will confirm (or not) the problem. Then she will tell you how much will it cost and how long will it take to repair it straight away. Isn’t it amazing? 
My phone had a broken charging port and also I decided to change the battery cause it was lasting like 2 hours.
Total spent: £60
Waiting time: 20 min to check what the real problem was + 30 minutes to change the battery and the charging port. 
Also, 24 months warranty! 
The price I paid was for a “walk in” service. If you don’t have time to go there, they can come to you or you can mail the phone in. Check their website for the specific prices! 

Thank you very much iCorrect, you have been really nice to me and also saved my technologic life!

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