Back from where I started.

September is my anniversary month: two years in London. 
This summer before going to Italy for a month I had to move out of my lovely house in Peckham, cause the landlord decided to sell it. It is been truly heartbreaking because I spent a lovely time in that house. But guess what, things are going as they are meant to go. So now that I am back in London, it is that time of the year again where I need to look for a room. 
I don’t get how Londoners can be so used to move in and move out so quickly and often. This is something that I don’t have in my culture maybe because I am from a way smaller place. Still, living with your bags always ready it’s not that easy.
So I am back on the market again and I quickly realized that the prices are crazy in the South East of London, where I’d like to stay. Not sure about other areas and I know that if I’d like to move outside of the zone 2, everything will be easier. But, working all over central London, moving outside of the zone 2 is not a great idea. 
So what to do? I have asked around already, but seems no one could help so far. 
I have seen 7 houses so far and today I will have my 8th view. I bumped into the worse rooms, stinky, gross but also two nice houses that turned out having not the nicest housemates: I understand housemates have the right to decide who’s taking the place, but you’re not my mother and you don’t have the right to judge without actually knowing things. 
At this point, the only thing is to keep looking. 
Fingers crossed for this afternoon, then.
I will keep you posted. 

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