ITCP SciFabLab: wanna print something in 3D?

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What if someone gave you the chance to print in 3D, would you believe it? Well, once upon a time I couldn’t believe it. How was it possible? What exactly could you print in 3D? And why would you do that?
Then, couple of years ago a friend of mine introduced me to this new world, bringing me to a London exhibition about 3D printing. The show was hosted at The Brewery in London, a huge exhibition centre next to the Barbican Centre and they were literally printing anything: from mugs to legs.
Then last week, the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste opened the first 3D printing lab in the area. The ICTP SciFabLab is hosted on the ground floor of the ITCP main building at the Miramare Campus (via Beirut 7) and if you want you can go and visit it, or if you have a project that you want to develop, you can use the facilities to realize it. The project has to be approved by the team working there, but you can find all the info on their website.
The space is huge and it offers different types of printers. There is also a wood cutter that allows you to do magic.

Foto 12-08-14 15 04 45

Foto 12-08-14 14 43 16Foto 12-08-14 14 40 56Foto 12-08-14 15 03 28
Get in touch to develop your ideas in the new 3D printing Lab @ Trieste!

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