The beauty of spending time with your family.

Schermata 2014-08-04 a 10.27.11 AM

The hardest part of living abroad is always been leaving my family every time I have to go back to London, which happens quite often lately. This year I’ve been in Italy already 3 times and this time, I am staying in Italy for almost a month which means that leaving is going to be heartbreaking.
I am really attached to my family and the thought of living abroad for a long time (maybe forever?) is incredibly scary. I cannot imagine having a baby one day, without my mother helping me out.
Anyway, I try to enjoy the beauty of being at home with all of them every single time.
I also have two twin nieces that are absolutely amazing: they’re six, they’ll begin the primary school in september and I am so sad I won’t be here helping them with homework and stuff like that. But we spent two amazing weekends in Croatia where my brother goes camping every summer.
Talking about camping, I never ever thought I liked it. I am definitely not the camping girl, but they are so organized and there are no tent around so everything seems less camping to me. The place in Croatia where they go to, is lovely. The sea is blue and clean and the beaches around are amazing. Except when it rains. Because when it does, it’s a bit of a nightmare. But hey I survived so now I am a grown up!
Croatia has an incredible beauty and the camping where they go is well equipped, so if you’re looking for a place like that have a look online and visit Valkanela Camping, which is not that far from the beautiful city of Rovinj. There are also some FKK beaches around (I had to google what FKK means, so feel free to do so).
I always hope that I will be stronger and stronger in leaving my family but it is still not working I’ll say…
For now, let’s enjoy the sunshine!

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