The unexpected journey home.


When I decided to book my tickets to Italy for a month, I didn’t expect this weather at all. 
Maybe i’ve been a bit stereotypical this time, but who knew that July was that grey and wet? I definitely remember being on this Croatian beach last July and being quite tan. Not this year. Not yet.
I landed last Tuesday and life is been mostly full of food (as always). My mum said I should loose weight and then she decided that I didn’t eat enough, so she put more food on the table. Why the hell would she do that? Well, she is an Italian mother. Not only, she is a mother from South of Italy, which make things even worse. Not that I am complaining, in London my biggest problem sometimes is the quality of food (and life). 
So on Wednesday I had a friend from London coming over and then leaving in the evening, and since it was sunny we decided that we deserved to spend the day on the beach. We don’t have a real beach in Trieste, it’s more a place with rocks where you can tan and swim in a quite nice Adriatic Sea. That day is been the only one so far where I could do that: it’s been rainy and cloudy for most of the other days. Especially when, on the weekend, I decided to go to Croatia with my brother. What a wet saturday I had! And the most annoying thing is that apparently London is been awesome! Quite obvious, I guess. 
Anyway, the plan now is to see some friends and try to make the best of all of it. 
Stay tuned. 

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