What has happened in 22 months: recap of my London chapter.

It was a cold end of winter in 2012 when I decided that I needed to go and explore some other countries. Graduating couple of months before and breaking up with the boyfriend I had at that time, I thought that studing a bit more wouldn’t have hurt. I spent some days on the internet and I found out about some scholarships, then I decided that Sport Management was my thing so I applied for this school in London, where I spent 3 months plus an internship of other 3.
In those 6 months I met some nice friends and I also started a job with this staffing company, in the events industry. It was a quite random decision, took more because I needed some money.
After 22 months, that job is my current job.

How did I decide to stay in this country for so long, when I clearly remember saying to my friends “I’ll see you in 6 months!”? What made me change my mind about the field I want to work in?
I guess sometimes things just happen.
The curious part is to realize that we actually change our mind in unexpected ways, or at least it often happens to me. Wouldn’t be fun enough otherwise.
Destiny, or however you want to call it, made me stay longer in London. I finished my internship and suddenly I was having a lot of job requests from the casual job… so why not? After all, who new if Italy was having a job opportunity for me.
Things just kept happening after that, I got asked to work in the office so I ended up doing two season there as well. In the meantime I also got trained as a floor manager to work in one of the Wembley restaurants and after couple of months I got a training to do the same job in other venues. So I can say I made my way up to the company and I have now reached all my goals.
What’s next?
This question is torturing me since months. Eventually I decided to deal with it in a different way: yes I still don’t know what’s next but I will find out and the only way to do it is to wait and see.
For now the plan is to go home for a month, leaving this beautiful house in Peckham, where I live since September, on the 22nd of July to come back on the 20th of August, when (maybe) things will start all over again.
Goodbye (for now) Peckham, you’ve been so good to me.

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